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Kara Zenni Psychology Johnson “The Laurie Dann Story” Laurie Dann was a beautiful young woman with many opportunities ahead of her in her life. Unfortunately, she developed multiple psychological disorders that forever changed her life and those of the loved ones that surrounded her. While watching her story, it was clear that she had multiple disorders that were interrupting and taking over her life that needed to be placed under control. Which ones, was the difficult question that was sadly never answered but left us with a yearning to diagnose her using only educated guesses. It was apparent that the people surrounding Laurie were on very different pages on how to handle Laurie’s turn for the worst leading her life to tragically end. Schizophrenia has many parts to it: delusions, hallucinations, inappropriate emotions, actions and language, then word salad, and paranoia. Laurie Dann, however, did not posses all of the symptoms just described but she definitely showed symptoms such as, delusions, hallucinations and inappropriate actions. Schizophrenia could be caused by a number of things but in this case, it is apparent that Laurie had gone through some psychological trauma during her childhood that lead her to having many flash backs of hurtful memories. Her parents mentioned to Laurie’s husband that when she was in seventh or eighth grade she got picked on as a kid. This is a sign that all her flashbacks are from trauma that was caused by incidents of her being at the park probably in seventh grade, since she continuously wrote “7, pain, and suffer” on the wall with lipstick. Then, when her illness got more severe, she began poisoning children and eventually killing many. While doing so, she had a flashback of her back in the park when she was being
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picked on. Laurie also had a series of delusions. She has thoughts of her husband attaching her on the hood of their car and dinner with her parents while she was alone. In addition to this, Laurie also had many incidences where she was demonstrating very inappropriate actions. She would put make-up in the fridge, jump out of her closet with a
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laurie dann - Kara Zenni Psychology Johnson The Laurie Dann...

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