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Kara Zenni PHIL 1100 Jolley Knowledge is Perception When Socrates first asks Theaetetus to deliver a definition for knowledge, there seemed to be no conclusion in sight, but as soon as Protagoras’ Mensura is brought into the picture, a possible definition arises. Socrates believes that Protagoras’ Mensura is necessary for the definition; knowledge is perception in the Theaetetus for many reasons. In order for this to be possible, however, Heraclitus’ Flux view must be brought up into discussion as well. Although the Mensura is complex and difficult to understand, Heraclitus’ Flux view allows all the pieces to fit together. While Socrates is accepting of parts of this, he criticizes it and in return turns around and says that in a world where there is the Mensura and Flux, there can be no knowledge. After a long deliberation between Socrates and Theaetetus, they eventually reach the conclusion that the definition of knowledge is perception. When first asked as to what he thought knowledge was, Theaetetus explained that knowledge was arithmetic, astronomy and cobbling, little did he know he was far from the answer. Socrates goes on to reject these as a definition mostly because of the form it was presented in, a list of examples. What Socrates was asking for was the essence of knowledge. Socrates soon realized that he needed to bring in Protagoras’ Mensura to help them find a definition. Protagoras’ Mensura states that man is the measure of all things. In other words, Protagoras is saying that we base all of our knowledge off of our experiences and perception of the world around us because we learn by perceiving. Therefore, the
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Mensura is the necessary condition of the definition: knowledge is perception. Without it
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theaetetus - Kara Zenni PHIL 1100 Jolley Knowledge is...

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