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LABORATORY 2 : Organ systems and introduction to histology Objectives: 1. To provide students with a basic understanding of the body’s organ systems and their functions 2. To familiarize students with the parts of a compound light microscope and their functions 3. To give students an initial exposure to histology, including identification and description of the different types of tissues found in the body. Resource Materials: 1. Fundamentals
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Unformatted text preview: th edition . Martinia, Nath, & Bartholomew a. Chapter 4 2. Laboratory Website ( images in Lab 2. Microscope tool also allows you to view and zoom in on the different types of tissues a. Organ b. Simple squamous cells c. Simple cuboidal epithelium d. Simple columnar epithelium e. Stratified squamous epithelium f. Transitional epithelium g. Pseudostratified epithelium 3. Lab review page (linked to course schedule)...
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