Ch. 49 Nerve Function

Campbell Biology (9th Edition)

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2/1/2012 1 Muscles & Nerves Announcements Reading notes posted on MyCourses Attn: Syllabus misprint Circulation & Gas Exchange are in Chapter 42 Nerve Cell Function Chapter 48 (ALL) Be sure to study Muscle Cell and Nerve Cell function before class on Friday LOTS of PRS questions coming!! Cells that line the air sac in the lungs are made up of A. Fibrous connective tissue B. Cuboidal epithelium C. simple squamous epithelium D. glial tissue E. simple columnar epithelium The earthworm’s movements across and through the soil are driven by contraction and relaxation of a) skeletal muscles. b) smooth muscles linked to an exoskeleton. c) smooth muscles linked to an endoskeleton. d) circular and longitudinal muscles pressurizing a hydrostatic skeleton. The structure pictured in the Figure below can be found in which types of muscles? A) skeletal B) cardiac C) smooth D) A and B only E) A, B, and C Which of the following does not form part of the thin filaments of a muscle cell? A) actin B) troponin C) tropomyosin D) myosin E) calcium-binding site
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2/1/2012 2 Skeletal muscle contraction begins when calcium ions bind to A) energized cross-bridges. B) myosin. C) actin. D) tropomyosin. E) troponin. The deep infoldings of muscle fiber membranes that conduct action potentials are called: a sarcoplasmic reticula b T tubules c myofilaments d Z lines e sarcomeres STUDY THIS FIGURE!! FIGURE 50.30 In muscle cells, myosin molecules continue to move along actin molecules as long as: a ATP is present and troponin is not bound to Ca 2+ b ADP is present and tropomyosin is released from intracellular stores c ADP is present and intracellular ACh is high d- ATP is present and intracellular Ca2+ is high LE 49-33 Ca 2+ CYTOSOL Ca 2+ SR PLASMA MEMBRANE T TUBULE Synaptic cleft Synaptic terminal of motor neuron ACh Neural Control of Muscle Tension
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Ch. 49 Nerve Function - Announcements Muscles Nerves...

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