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Lectures and Notes - 1/18/2012 First Time PRS Users: You...

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1/18/2012 1 First Time PRS Users: You must enter your G00# before you can use your Clicker to transmit Responses 1 - Power on your Clicker. 2 - When autoscan begins, press * to stop it. 3 - Press * to display the Setup Menu. 4 - Press ↑ or ↓to get to the ID: menu then press GREEN ARROW to select it. 5 - Input your G00#. Enter the “G” by using letter keys and ↑ or ↓ 6 - Press GREEN ARROW to save your G00# Biology 119: Diversity, Physiology & Ecology About this Course Instructors: Dr. Kristi Hannam Dr. Ray Spear Ms. Regina Clinton Andrew Cannon - SI Syllabus Highlights: Text Course Materials/MyCourses Grading Exams Homework/Quizzes PRS Themes in this Course Diversity and Unity of Life Structure and Function Control Systems Organization of Life above the Organism Unity & Diversity of Life What do living things have in common? What explains the diversity we see among living things? Diversity: How Many Species Are there? A. About 150,000 B. About 1 million C. About 10 million D. About 30 million E. I have no clue
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1/18/2012 2 What are all those species and where are they found? “One cubic foot” – National Geographic, Feb 2010 (see http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2010/02/ cubic-foot/wilson-text ) E.O. Wilson: 18 yr study of "big-headed ants" 624 species. A majority, 337, were new to science. Other studies have shown: 1m 2 of temperate forest soil can hold 200,000 mites and tens of thousands of other invertebrates. 1m 2 soil from tropical grasslands can hold 32 million nematodes, & 1 g of the same soil might hold 90 million bacteria and other microbes. BIODIVERSITY
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Lectures and Notes - 1/18/2012 First Time PRS Users: You...

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