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Jan 23 - Biol 119

Jan 23 - Biol 119 - Announcements PRS Friday Todays scores...

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1/23/2012 1 Invertebrates (part 2) Announcements PRS Friday deadline for sorting out problems Homework & Quiz homework NOT turned in, but must be completed for successful completion of online Quiz Tutoring Schedule posted on MyCourses info posted on MyCourses Mastering Biology website info posted on MyCourses later today Review Session 4pm tomorrow in Newton 203 Bilateral symmetry is LEAST associated with A. cephalization. B. the presence of mesoderm. C. an active lifestyle. D. a nervous system with sensory structures concentrated at one end of the animal. E. the sessile condition. Why do sponges represent a separate lineage, distinct from all other animal phyla? A. They are sedentary and resemble plants. B. Most individuals are hermaphrodites. C. They lack true tissues. D. They do not have specialized cell types. E. They have only two layers of cells. Cnidaria includes groups with a variety of body forms, but all share which common feature? A. All are filter feeders. B. All live in tropical oceans. C. All are strong swimmers. D. All have a gastrovascular cavity and tentacles. E. All reproduce mainly asexually.
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1/23/2012 2 Figure 33.4 Anatomy of a sponge Cnidocytes = stinging cells for prey capture & defense Stinging cells have nematocysts Important Links between Form and Function Shared “body plans” among animals in a grade are linked to special challenges of their environment Porifora & Radiata Different body plans Specialized for food capture Very efficient at food capture even without “directed forward motion or pursuit of prey” Next major branch point: Bilateria divided into: Deuterostomes Lophotrochozoans Ecdyzoans What does it mean to be Triploblastic? A.
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Jan 23 - Biol 119 - Announcements PRS Friday Todays scores...

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