Lecture5Key - Lecture 5 Review Questions 1 Phospholipids...

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Lecture 5 Review Questions 1. Phospholipids spontaneously form bilayer structures, but oils form small droplets. Why do oils not form bilayers? a. Oils are not as hydrophobic as phospholipids. b. The fatty acids in oils preclude bilayer formation. c. Oils are energy reserves of cells. d. Oils do not have the polar head group that phospholipids have. e. Oils and water do not mix. 2. Which of the following statements about membrane proteins is false ? a. Hydrophilic regions of integral membrane proteins are in contact with the interior of the bilayer. b. Peripheral membrane proteins may be associated with the phospholipid head groups. c. Integral membrane proteins can move in the plane of the membrane. d. Some membrane proteins may have oligosaccharides attached to them. e. None of the above 3. A comparison of the properties of the plasma membrane to those of the membrane of lysosomes would reveal that a. only the plasma membrane has a lipid bilayer. b. the two membranes contain the same proteins. c. the two membranes have the same lipids. d. all of the proteins in the two membranes are extrinsic to the membrane. e. the two membranes have different proteins and lipids. 4. In addition to the bilayer lipids and proteins, membranes may contain _______ in the form of _______ and _______. a. nucleic acids; DNA; RNA
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Lecture5Key - Lecture 5 Review Questions 1 Phospholipids...

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