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Genes and Inheritance 1. What fraction of offspring of the cross AaBb × AaBb is homozygous for all the dominant alleles, assuming that they are on different chromosomes? a. 1 /4 b. 1 /8 c. 1 /16 d. 1 /32 e. 1 /64 2. What fraction of the offspring of the cross shown in Question 1 would show the dominant phenotypes for both genes? a. 9 /16 b. 3 /16 c. 6 /16 d. 12 /16 e. 1 /3 3. The fact that a trait like height in humans varies over a wide range of values is due to a. penetrance. b. expressivity. c. multiple alleles and the environmental influences on the expression of these genes. d. epistasis. e. discrete and qualitative genomic variation. 4. Coat color in mice involves the effects of multiple gene interactions. If a mouse has two recessive alleles ( aa ) for coat color, it is always albino no matter what the genotype of other genes involved in coat color. This is an example of a. pleiotropy. b. incomplete dominance. c. codominance. d. epistasis. e. heterosis. 5. A dramatic departure from expected phenotypic ratios may be the result of a. environmental influences. b. linkage. c. epistasis. d. gene interactions. e. All of the above
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6. In many animals, including humans, sex is determined by a single _______, or by a pair of them. Both males and females have two copies of each of the rest of the chromosomes, which are called _______. a. autosome; sex chromosomes b. gene; autosomes c. sex chromosome; autosomes d. gene; sex chromosomes e. allele; genes 7. Genes located on mitochondrial DNA are usually inherited in what fashion? a. Randomly
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Genes and InheritanceKey - Genes and Inheritance 1 What...

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