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Bio E65D 2012 Syllabus

Bio E65D 2012 Syllabus - Syllabus Biological Sciences E...

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Unformatted text preview: Syllabus Biological Sciences E ­65D: Human Anatomy & Physiology Spring 2012 Instructor: Dr. Jennifer Carr; 414 Science Center; Office Hours: Monday: 4:15 ­ 5:15 before lectures or by appointment. Date Lecture # Lecture Topic Jan 23, 12 Jan 30, 12 1 2 Cardiovascular I Cardiovascular II Feb 6, 12 3 Feb 13, 12 4 Lymphatic & Immune System Respiratory System Feb 20, 12 Holiday – No Class Feb 27, 12 Mar 5, 12 Mar 12, 12 Mar 19, 12 5 6 Mar 26, 12 7 April 2, 12 April 9, 12 April 16, 12 8 9 April 23, 12 10 April 30, 12 May 7, 12 11 12 Readings – In Class Assignment Chapter 15 Quiz 1 – Lect 1 Chapter 23 Quiz 2 – Lect 2 Chapter 14 Quiz 3 – Lect 3 Wednesday Lab (5:35 – 8:00 or 8:05 – 10:30) Lab #1 – Blood Pressure & Exercise Lab #2 – Respiratory Lab Exam #1 (Lect 1 – 4) Exercise Physiology Chapter 12 & 13 Spring Break – No Class Digestive System Chapter 26 Lab #3 – Internal Quiz 4 – Lect 5 Anatomy A Urinary System I Chapter 24 Quiz 5 – Lect 6 Urinary System II Quiz 6 – Lect 7 Exam #2 (Lect 5 – 8) Reproduction I Chapter 25 Lab #4 – Internal Anatomy B Reproduction II Chapter 6 Quiz 7 – Lect 9 Lab Practical Quiz 8 – Lect 10 Final Exam (cumulative) Textbook: Evolutionary Human Anatomy and Physiology Customized for Harvard University; Kenneth S. Saladin, Eric P. Widamaier, Hershel Raff, Kevin T. Strang and Kenneth Kardong; ISBN# 0 ­697 ­799 ­ 174 Human Anatomy and Physiology; E ­65C; Multiple Authors – Custom Lab Manual; ISBN# 0390660388 Undergraduate Grading: Your grades will be weighted using the breakdown below. Exam #1: 20% Exam #2: 20% Weekly Quizzes 15% Lab 15% Final Exam: 30% Graduate Grading: Exam #1: 15% Exam #2: 15% Weekly Quizzes 15% Lab 15% Final Exam: 25% Final Paper & Presentation: 15% Lab must be attended and completed to pass this course! Graduate Student Requirements Graduate students are required to do one of two things: 1) Graduate students have to complete a 15 ­20 page term paper due in hard copy one week prior to the date of the final exam. Term paper requirements are posted online. 2) Alternatively graduate students can assist teaching fellows with running the four labs. This will require graduate students to come in on dates to be decided prior to the labs and go through the lab with the instructor or the head teaching fellow to make sure that they understand everything be done during lab and can assist other students. Lab Lab is a required part of Anatomy & Physiology and attendance will be taken during the first ten minutes of every lab. If you miss lab you automatically fail the course. Any unexcused absence from lab means you automatically fail the course. Lab can only be missed due to a documented medical or family emergency. If you miss a lab for any reason it is your responsibility to contact the course instructor and your TF within one week to provide your documentation and make arrangements for a makeup lab (it may not be possible to do a makeup for your lab in all cases as some labs require multiple people). Failure to contact your TF and the course instructor within one week of missing the lab will result in the lab absence being considered an unexcused absence. Your lab grade will be based on two assignments and a lab practical administered on the 30th of April (If your lab meets from 5:35 – 8:00 your practical will be from 5:30 – 6:30; If your lab meets from 8:05 – 10:30 your practical will be from 6:35 – 7:35). Labs will be taught on Wednesday from 5:35 – 8:00 or 8:05 – 10:30. You must dress appropriately for lab or you will be asked to leave and will receive no credit for lab. Dressing appropriately means long pants, glasses instead of contacts or safety goggles and no open toed shoes. Food and drink will not be allowed in lab under any circumstances. Quizzes There will be weekly quizzes based on lecture material (please see syllabus for exact dates & material). There will be 20 points on each quiz. The lowest quiz score will be dropped. If you have to miss class for any reason that will be considered your dropped quiz. Makeup quizzes will not be given for any reason. Extensions/Makeup Exams: Extensions or makeup exams will only be allowed with extenuating circumstances (ex. death in the family or illness). All requests for extensions or makeups must be received in writing within 48 hours of missing the exam and must include documentation (Dr’s note, death certificate etc.). Regrades: Regrades are only allowed if the exam or quiz answer sheet has been filled out in pen (no regrades if the work is done in pencil). Regrades must be turned in to the professor in writing within a week of the exam or quiz being handed back in lecture. Regrade requests must clearly justify why a regrade is necessary. Regrade request will ONLY BE ACCEPTED IN WRITING. Any verbal requests will immediately be denied and any written requests for a regrade after a verbal request has been made will not be considered and will immediately be nullified. ...
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