BIOS 2011 Lab 2 Photosynthesis

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Unformatted text preview: and Macintosh computer for this part of the exercise. Your TF will provide instruction on its use in the laboratory. Bring a USB Flash drive for saving your data, or you may e ­mail your data to yourself over the internet. 1. Prepare an experimental sample in a square 3mL plastic cuvette: 200 µL of chloroplast suspension + 2.8 mL of phosphate buffer. Mix until homogenous with a 1000µL pipetter. 2. Your samples must be measured against a ‘blank’ or reference cuvette. This blank contains 3.0 mL phosphate buffer only. 3. In the application Logger Pro, calibrate the Vernier spectrometer: from the Experiment menu at the top of the screen pick Calibrate >Spectrometer 1. A calibration dialog will appear; you may 20 Exercise 2 Photosynthesis click Skip Warmup or wait for this to finish. Then insert your blank cuvette into the spectrometer, making sure the triangle marking on the cuvette is in line with the light source. Cl...
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