BIOS 2011 Lab 2 Photosynthesis

Exercise 2 photosynthesis due to the different

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Unformatted text preview: passed to a neighboring pigment molecule, reducing it (chlorophyll will have been oxidized). The pigments that capture the light energy are known as the antenna system. Excitation energy is channeled from the various pigments to a special pigment complex called the reaction center. Exercise 2 Photosynthesis Due to the different absorption spectra of plant pigments, plants are able to use almost the entire range of visible light, from 380 to 700 nm. Different pigments are excited by different wavelengths of light. The wavelengths a pigment can use to achieve an excited state comprise its absorption spectrum. The Z Scheme The orderly arrangement of proteins in the thylakoid membrane is very important. The direction of electron flow governs the gradients across the thylakoid membrane, which in turn allows for ATP production, as discussed below. The path of electron flow has been described as a zig ­zag shape, and th...
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