BIOS 2011 Lab 2 Photosynthesis

Instead of being accepted by nadp the electron

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Unformatted text preview: he proton channel. CF0 is on the stromal side of the membrane, and orients ADP and Pi in such a way that the passage of protons through the proton channel drives the synthesis of ATP. The exact mechanism for this is not known. Cyclic Photophosphorylation You should know that the term phosphorylation is used to denote the generation of a high ­ energy phosphate compound, usually ATP. The prefix photo refers to the fact that, in photosynthesis, light provides the energy to drive this reaction. Photosynthesis as described by the Z ­scheme is referred to as non cyclic photophosphorylation. This scheme yields both NADPH and ATP as end ­products. However, sometimes the cell has too much NADPH, or too little ATP. In either situation, a feedback mechanism "tells the cell" to use a cyclic photophosphorylation scheme. Instead of being accepted by NADP, the electron elevated by PS I returns to the electron tran...
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