BIOS 2011 Lab 2 Photosynthesis

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Unformatted text preview: file. Alternatively save to the Desktop and transfer the file later. PROTOCOL 3: MEASUREMENT OF PHOTOREDUCTION OF DCPIP DCPIP (2,6 ­dichlorophenol ­indophenol) is a blue dye with an absorption maximum at 600nm. DCPIP is a good indicator of photosynthetic activity because it accepts electrons from ferrodoxin (in the second electron transport chain in the chloroplasts) to become DCPIPre, which is colorless. As the light reactions proceed in chloroplasts, there is less blue pigment available to absorb light at 600nm. This can be measured with a spectrophotometer. 1. Your TF will calculate the actual chlorophyll concentration of the chloroplast suspension. The TF will tell you what volume of chloroplast suspension to use to prepare both the blank and sample cuvettes. Both cuvettes will be made with 15 mg chlorophyll. For the blank use these volumes:...
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