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Bio I DiGennaro Exam Review Questions (part 1) *Know all vocabulary: both definitions and context* These questions are a supplement to the end-of-lecture homework questions. Chapter 1 1. What is the cell theory? 2. What is meant by “energy flows, but chemicals cycle”? 3. What is evolution? How do natural selection and artificial selection contribute to evolution? 4. What are the three domains of life? 5. What is a living organism? What characteristics make up living organisms? 6. What is evolution? What are natural selection and artificial selection? a. Application: What are some examples? How does natural selection lead to evolution? 7. How can the scientific method be used to answer scientific questions? 8. What reasoning and data shows that autism is not linked to childhood vaccination? 9. What are controlled experiments? Explain controls. a. Application: Be able to describe the experiment described in class using artificial snakes – how the experiment was performed and what the conclusions were. 10. What is a scientific theory? 11. Application: Size & Scale Activity – Use the following website (also posted on our bspace site) to determine the size order of each of the things listed from largest to smallest. Chapter 2-3 1. Explain the structure of an atom. What are ions and isotopes? 2. Explain chemical bonding and chemical reactions. 3. What is electron valence? 4.
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Bio1_reviewQ1_fall11 - Bio I DiGennaro Exam Review...

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