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ECE 442 Electronic Circuits Homework 6 Due Friday July 9, 2010 In this homework, you will learn how to use a circuit simulator called HSPICE. Please refer to the course web-page for short tutorials on using HSPICE. Then, solve the following two problems using HSPICE, along with the 1.5 m MOS model provided on the course webpage. 1. a. Perform DC analysis of a CMOS inverter circuit with the following parameters: V DD =5V, W p =2W n =10 m, L p =L n =1.5 m. Plot V out vs. V in for V in =0V-to-5V. From the resulting plot, find V IL and V IH . b. Perform transient analysis of the circuit given in (a), loaded with C L =1pF. The input of the inverter is a voltage pulse V in with V 1 =0, V 2 =5V, T d =2ns, T r =T f =1ns, T w =5ns, T 0 =20ns. Plot V out (t) for the first 15ns. Extract the values of t plh and t phl . 2. a. Perform AC analysis (including finding the operating point) of the CMOS common-source
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Unformatted text preview: amplifier shown in Fig. P2, using the following parameters: V DD =V SS =2.5V, W n =15 m, L n =1.5 m, R D =3k Ω , R sig =500k Ω , R G =1M Ω , R L =200k Ω , C C1 =C C2 =10 F, C S =1 F, I=1mA. Tie the transistor body terminal to its source node, rather than to V SS . Note: This configuration is possible in integrated circuits that are fabricated using “triple-well technology,” which offers P-wells that are isolated from the common P-substrate (the P-substrate is always tied to V SS ). b. From the HSPICE output, find the values of V G , V D and V S at the DC bias point. c. Plot v o /v sig in dB, over a frequency range 1Hz-100MHz. Figure P2....
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