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ECE 442 Electronic Circuits Homework 10 Due Tuesday July 27, 2010 1. Using HSPICE, design and analyze a cascode amplifier with two cascoded NMOS transistors biased by a simple PMOS current mirror. It is known that the MOS process parameters are: KP(nmos) = 135 A/V 2 , KP (pmos) = 70 A/V 2 , V tn0 =-V tp0 =0.7 V. Assume all MOSFETS have W/L=15 m/1.5 m. Make sure you select proper bias voltage for the cascode transistor in order to keep both NMOS transistors in saturation (V BIAS =2V is a reasonable value). Calculate the value of
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Unformatted text preview: resistor R for the current mirror in order to obtain I bias =50 A. Using the AC sweep feature in HSPICE, determine the 3-dB bandwidth of the amplifier, if the input of the circuit is a sinewave source with a DC component of 1V, directly coupled to the gate of input NMOS. Note: Submit the following: the sketch of your amplifier schematic, calculation of the value of R, the printout of your circuit file, and the AC sweep plot with 3-dB frequency labeled....
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