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Unit Of Cost/Price Measure (Dollars) R0 Resources R1 Business Application Support Personnel R1.1 Server Support Personnel R1.1.1 Systems Analyst Staff Hour 50 R1.1.2 Data Base Administrator Staff Hour 40 R1.2 Application Support Personnel R1.2.1 Application Developer Staff Hour 60 R1.2.2 Business Users Staff Hour 90 R1.3 Desktop Support Personnel R1.3.1 Productivity Tools Support Rep Staff Hour 25 R1.3.2 Market Data Specialist Staff Hour 60 R1.3.3 Trader Voice Support Rep Staff Hour 40 R2 Network Support Personnel R2.1 Infrastructure Support Representative Staff Hour 35 R2.2 Network Operator Staff Hour 30 R2.3 NT Support Specialist Staff Hour 55 R2.4 Network Carrier Support Specialist Staff Hour 100 R2.5 Production Operator Staff Hour 25 R3 Physical Layer Support Personnel R3.1 Electricians R3.1.1 Foreman Staff Hour 85 R3.1.2 Journeyman Staff Hour 37 R3.1.3 Apprentice Staff Hour 37 R3.2 Hardware Support Personnel Staff Hour 30 R3.3 Software Support Personnel Staff Hour 30 R3.4 Cable Plant Technician
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