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1 - W(0) 60 Wall Street – Free of JPMC’s Employees and Technology - W(1) New Technology Infrastructure Operating Environment W(Delivered to JPMC’s Technology Teams) W(Consolidated 8 th and 9 th Floor Data Centers) - W(1.1) Infrastructure Server Installation Plan * W(1.2) Circuit Cutover Plan * W(1.3) Market Data W(TIBCO) Test Plan * W(1.4) Operational Test Plan * W(1.5) Floor Plan * W(1.6) Power and Cooling Requirements Document * W(2) 12 th Floor Data Center W(Empty) W(Delivered to Deutsche Bank) * W(2.1) 12 th Floor Data Center W(Facilities Equipment Removed) * W(2.1.1) Communications Cabinet Removal Plan * W(2.1.2) HVAC Shutdown Plan * W(2.1.3) PDU Shutdown Plan * W(2.1.4) Cable Removal Plan * W(2.1.5) Furniture Removal Plan * W(2.1.6) Raised Floor Retrofit Plan - W(2.2) 12 th Floor Data Center W(Technology Infrastructure Removed) * W(2.2.1) Infrastructure Server Removal Plan * W(2.2.2) Market Data W(TIBCO) Relocation Plan * W(2.2.3) PBX Removal Plan * W(2.2.4) Carrier Removal/Relocation Plan * W(2.2.5) Network Equipment Removal Plan
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Unformatted text preview: * W(2.2.6) Circuit Removal Plan * W(2.2.7) Final Verification Plan- W(3) Low Rise, Tenant Floors 1 – 18 W(Delivered to Deutsche Bank) W(Typical For All Tenant Floors, 1 - 47) * W(3.1) Floor Free Of Tenants * W(3.1.1) Tenant Migration Plan * W(3.1.2) Tenant Contingency Plan * W(3.1.3) New Location Test Plan * W(3.1.4) Personal Belongings Relocation Plan * W(3.1.5) Floor “Lock Down” Schedule * W(3.2) Floor “Broom Clean” * W(3.2.1) Cable Cross Connect Removal Plan * W(3.2.2) Riser Cable Removal Plan * W(3.2.3) Furniture Removal Plan * W(3.2.4) Debris Removal Schedule * W(3.3) Floor Free Of Technology * W(3.3.1) Logical Network Shutdown Plan * W(3.3.2) Network Equipment Removal Plan * W(3.3.3) Market Data Equipment Removal Plan * W(3.3.4) Workstation Equipment Removal Plan * W(3.3.5) Copier and FAX Machine Removal Plan * W(3.3.6) Telephone Removal Plan * W(3.3.7) Direct Circuit Removal Plan...
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