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MGT611 Project Planning Technique Professor: Parviz F. Rad Due date: 02-03-03 Essay2: Deliverable Work Breakdown Structure Develop a Fully-Deliverable-Based Work Breakdown Structure W1 Pre-Fabrication House [Level 0] W1.1 Design Document [Level 1] W1.1.1 Architecture Design Drawing [Level 2] W1.1.1.1 Exterior Design Drawing [Level 3] W1.1.1.2 Interior Design Drawing W1.1.1.3 Landscape Design Drawing W1.1.2 Engineer Design Drawing [Level 2] W1.1.3 Infrastructure Design Drawing [Level 2] W1.1.3.1 Electrical Design Drawing [Level 3] W1.1.3.2 Water Supply Design Drawing W1.1.3.3 Air-Conditioning Design Drawing W1.2 Structure [Level 1] W1.2.1 Building Structure [Level 2] W1.2.1.1 First Floor [Level 3] W1. Bearing-wall Foundation Structure [Level 4] W1. Long-Span Column Structure W1. Pre-Fabrication Floor
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Unformatted text preview: W1. Adjustable Pre-fabrication Wall W1. Waterproof concrete’ Infrastructure Control Room W1.2.1.2 Second Floor [Level 3] W1. Light-weight Bearing Wall [Level 4] W1. Pre-Fabrication Floor W1. Long-Span Column Structure W1.2.1.3 Roof Floor [Level 3] W1. I-Beam Steel Structure [Level 4] W1. Cement Insulation Tile W1. Water Repellent Cement Floor W1.2.2 Landscape Structure [Level 2] W1.2.2.1 Swimming Pool Structure [Level 3] W1.2.2.2 Road Structure W1.2.2.3 Green Area Structure W1.3 Infrastructure Equipment [Level 1] W1.3.1 Sub-Structure’ Waste Water Recovering Tank [Level 2] W1.3.3 Central Air-Conditioning Machine System W1.3.4 Plumbing System Name: Siraporn Charubusapayon ID- 155-08-2445...
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