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Welcome to PMC Courses Hi, I’m Mary Anne Nixon, y our professor for this certificate course, I’d like to use this document to introduce myself to all of you (my bio) and I’m looking look forward to reading the “Bio Pages /Profiles ” each of you will be completing and posting for everyone to read in the first lesson. WCU’s fully accredited MPM program was established at WCU in 1983 and I arrived on campus in 1984 to begin teaching Legal Environment of Business for undergraduates (yes, I’m a licensed, non -practicing NC attorney) and Contracts and Logistics in the MPM on-campus graduate degree program. In 1998 I developed and taught the very first online PM650 course which began the transition of the WCU face-to-face traditional classroom degree program to this totally online format. Dr. Adams (retired) and I co-created each of the 6 courses and taught each of them for several years before we began hiring more professors. We now have 4.5 project management faculty teaching in the program (I’m the .5 - I’m in “phased retirement” – ½ teaching responsibilities for ½ salary for the next 2 years.) I was also the director (before turning the fun administrative and paperwork responsibilities over several years ago …yessss !) and I am very pleased to be “just teaching and look forward to working with you this semester. So, who is THIS professor? Well, on the personal side I love technology (when it works) and the flexibility it provides to enable us all to work literally “anytime, anywhere.” It is true - we are no longer tied to our cubicles or desks. We all work in virtual teams which can cross state and national boundaries (and time zones.) Of course that does have its drawbacks “nowhere to run, nowhere to hide” comes to mind. By the way, I also try to disrupt the “plain text” look of these courses - you all know what I mean! All appropriate and on-point contributions are most welcomed I’ll embed them within the lessons and the feedback for everyone to enjoy. I’m looking for sound clips, compressed video clips, pictures, cartoons, podcasts, blog material, or cites - anything to add depth to the flat textbook material. My friends laugh at my motto, “have laptop will travel,” That’s travel o for WCU - Yes, WCU is a “publish or perish” institution – we professors (even we tenured, full professors) are expected to teach, publish, and provide service to the university and in the discipline. (next bullet) o for consulting and training activities in “real world” companies - learning a great deal about their project management practices as I work with their
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folks for the PMP exam and deliver basic project management and consulting services. o
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xid-4513940_1 - Welcome to PMC Courses Hi Im Mary Anne...

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