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Q+Recitation_3 - 3/8 round 4/8 round 3/8 full 3/8 wrinkle...

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Question for Recitation #3 In a cross involving parents pea plants of unknown genotype and phenotype, the following offspring were obtained: 3/8 full, round 3/8 full, wrinkle 1/8 constricted, round 1/8 constricted, wrinkle Determine the genotypes and phenotypes of the parents. Treat each locus separately: Second Law of independent assortment 3/8 full
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Unformatted text preview: 3/8 round 4/8 round 3/8 full 3/8 wrinkle 1/8 constricted 1/8 round 1/8constricted 1/8 wrinkle 4/8 wrinkle Then 3: 1 full to constricted 1:1 round to wrinkle Cross: two heterozygous Cross: heterozygous and homozygous F=full, f=constricted R= round, r= wrinkled Genotype: Ff Rr x Ffrr Phenotype: Full and round and Full wrinkled...
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