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125:315 Lab: Biomechanical Testing Objectives The objectives of this laboratory experiment are: 1. Understanding of mechanical testing machine. 1. Goals of the tests 2. Familiarity with its basic controls and functions. 3. Limitations, errors and expectations. 2. Application in Fracture Fixation Evaluation 1. Composite structure Issues 2. Young’s elastic modulus (E) of a material 3. Flexural rigidity (EI) of a structure 4. Are results meaningful?
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Mechanical Testing System Load Cell Measures load in lbs or N Linear Actuator Measures displacement in inches or mm Perform calibration, initialize software set-ups, and insert the appropriate jigs. After the test, load vs. time and displacement vs. time are recorded. What is next? Depends on what questions are asked. PC with the hardware specific software
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