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Unformatted text preview: Rate this item (0 vo te s) Print this page Su n d a y, 16 Octo b e r 2 0 11 0 1:30 SOCI 60 HW2 Written by Ho wie Realubit fo nt size Be the first to co mment! SOCI 6 0 : The Practice o f So cial Research Fall 20 11 Ho mewo rk Assignment 2: Due Mo nday, Octo ber 17th 1. Present a research questio n. Identify the pheno meno n (co ncept) yo u want to explain. (E.g., televisio n watching.) Cho o se a co ncept that yo u can define clearly, and which is narro w eno ugh to be tractable. Please pick so mething yo u find interesting. Research Questio n: Mo vies abo ut medical thrillers like Contagion are centered aro und diseases. Do m o vie s abo ut dise ase s incre ase t he st igm a t o wards t ho se who have an acut e illne ss? 2. Identify two causes that may explain this pheno meno n. (E.g., o ne co uld be the perso n's educatio n.) Cause 1: Mo vies have a reso unding effect o n po p culture due to its wide availability to the general public. Marketing plays a key ro le here. Therefo re, go o d publicity may be a cause. Cause 2: The strength o f a go o d fictio nal mo vie lies in its ability to make the audience believe the likeliho o d that it will o ccur in reality. The naïveté o f the audience may cause the increase in stigma to wards tho se with acute illnesses. 3. Present an explanatio n (theo ry) that links these co ncepts. The mass appeal o f a blo ckbuster mo vie co uld be wo rth far mo re than its entertainment Se n d Like m value by the way it affects so cial stigma surro unding diseases. A mo vie with high pro ductio n value, go o d marketing campaign, and a riveting sto ryline co uld influence perspectives en masse, by either spo tlighting the cause and bringing in spo nso rs, o r inadvertently fueling stigma and fear. 4. Present yo ur dependent and two independent variables. Dependent variable : The level o f stigma o vertly o r co vertly demo nstrated by the sample po pulatio n. Independent variables : Mo vies watched; frequency o f visits to the do cto r; amo unt o f medicatio n bo ught; discriminatio n given o r experienced by po pulatio n; percentage o f tho se afflicted with an acute disease who are fired fro m their jo b 5. Ho w wo uld yo u measure each variable?...
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