hw8 - BIOST/EPI 513 Spring Quarter 2011 Dr McKnight...

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BIOST / EPI 513 Spring Quarter 2011 Dr. McKnight HOMEWORK 8 Due in the class online drop box at 9pm, Monday, May 23, 2011 Except for the plot requested in question 1, please do not turn in any computer output. 1. Use the data from the leukemia clinical trial given in leuk.dta on the Assignments page of the class website to examine the evidence that treatment is related to survival. (a) Plot Kaplan-Meier survival curves for the two treatment groups, with numbers of censored observations indicated, on the same graph. (b) Present median survival times and 95% confidence intervals for each of the two groups. (c) Perform the logrank test for comparing the two treatment groups, and present both test statistic and P-value. (d) What do you conclude from your hypothesis test? (e) In one or two sentences, describe the results of your comparison of the two treatment groups in this clinical trial, in language suitable for the results section of a scientific article reporting the results of this trial. 2. Perform the “Peto” version of the generalized Wilcoxon test comparing the two groups
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hw8 - BIOST/EPI 513 Spring Quarter 2011 Dr McKnight...

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