Problem set 2 key - BIOL/CHEM 3361 Biochemistry I Spring...

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BIOL/CHEM 3361 Biochemistry I Due: Tuesday, March 1 at the start of class Spring 2011 No late Problem Sets will be accepted. You may turn them in early, e.g. at lecture on Thursday Feb. 24, to avoid last minute emergencies. PROBLEM SET 2 For full credit, show all steps to the solutions of the following problems: 1. a. An alpha helix of exactly 21 amino acids is needed to span the plasma membrane of cells. Based on the dimensions of an alpha-helix, calculate the width of the membrane? b. How many amino acids would be needed in a beta strand to span the membrane? 2. For a Michaelis enzyme reaction, k 1 = 2.5 x 10 9 M -1 s -1 , k -1 = 5.0 x 10 3 s -1 , and k 2 = 5.0 x 10 4 s -1 . a. Calculate K S and K m for this reaction. b. Does substrate binding approach equilibrium or only achieve steady state, i.e. does the enzyme follow rapid equilibrium or only steady state kinetics? 3. The following table shows the kinetic analysis of a Michaelis enzyme in the presence of two different inhibitors, A and B, one a transition-state analog and the other NEM (N- ethylmaleimide). a. Make a fully labeled Lineweaver-Burk plot of the data and use it to deduce which inhibitor is A and which is B. Explain the basis of your assignment. b. Using the plot, determine the K m of the enzyme and the K I of the transition-state analog, given that it was present at 5 x 10 -4 M.
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Problem set 2 key - BIOL/CHEM 3361 Biochemistry I Spring...

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