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CHEM3472LAB-AA-S2010 - Chemistry 3472 Determination of...

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Chemistry 3472 Determination of manganese in a vitamin tablet by atomic absorption Purpose: To determine the concentration of a common metal ion in commercial vitamin tablets by developing an analytical method based on atomic absorption spectrophotometry. Apparatus : Atomic absorption spectrophotometer and accessories Hollow-cathode lamp: Mn Standard laboratory analytical glassware VWR 413 filter paper 0.2 μ m syringe filter Instructions: Brief Operating Procedure for Varian SpectrAA-5 Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (see end of this document). Chemicals: Prepare 250 mL of 8 M HCl, [Concentrated HCl is about 12 M] Manganese standard (1000 μ g/mL) Vitamin sample: Each tablet contains 2 mg manganese (as manganese sulfate), 162 mg of calcium (as calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate), 20 μ g of selenium (as sodium selenate), 75 μ g molybdenum (as sodium molybdate), 150 μ g boron (as sodium borate) NaOH pellets (for neutralization of solutions) Procedure: 1. You will need to construct a calibration curve for Mn. Then develop dilutions of the solution prepared from the tablet which allow you to work in the linear range of the calibration curve 1
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2. Calibration curve Manganese Pipet 5 mL of the manganese standard (1000 μ
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