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BIOL 1208 Writing Assignment 2. Grading Rubric Results Section Standards (20 pts) ___  Sufficient Detail: enough to understand the key results of the study ___ Appropriate Detail: no superfluous information ___ Appropriate Presentation: numbers and results are tabulated, not listed Experimentation/Number of Trials ___  Sufficient to Test the Hypothesis Data ___ Believable: probably not an artifact of poor experimental setup Figure or Table ___ Properly constructed ___ Meaningful representation of the data Discussion Section Standards (20pts): Interpretation of Results ___ Sufficient Interpretation of Results: the author leaves to loose threads
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Unformatted text preview: ___ Logical Interpretation of Results: the author draws justifiable conclusions Possible Limitations and Sources of Error ___ Adequate Discussion ___ Acceptable Errors: the sources of error do not lower confidence in the results Ramifications ___ Clear and Adequate Discussion ___ Realistic Overall Format (10 pts): ___ Succinct: not verbose ___ Clear: easy to read and understand ___ Balanced: all the major topics are covered ___ Focused: no superfluous information is included...
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