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scan0002 - 5 thy is the atmospheric ozone(03 layer...

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Unformatted text preview: 5. thy is the atmospheric ozone (03) layer important? A? Blocks harmful ultra-violet (UV) irradiation E) Supplies oxygen (02) for respiration C) Reflects infrared irradiation D) Foundation for clouds E) Essential for the cycling of both nitrogen (N) and carbon (C) through an ecosystem Ion Slze Populat Time 6. The graph above illustrates the population dynamics of a(n)... r selected species. B) K selected species. C) species that has characteristics of both K and r organisms. 7. Identify a simple formula to calculate the intrinsic growth rate (r). A) Quantity of primary producers consumed by consumers per unit time B) Ratio of the number of reproductiver active individuals to the entire population C) Height and weight increase per unit time Birth rate minus death rate per unit time E) Amount of time required for the population to double Version B Page 2 8. Identify the two factors that an ecologist could use to predict the type of terrestrial biome in any part of the world. A) Latitudeandlongitu’de B) Sizeaniggestweturemhmnan'fimafion XE? Distance from the equator and nearest ocean v D) Temperature and precipitation kf) Area of fresh water and land 9. On May 6, l937 the hydrogen gas (H2) filled Hindenburg exploded while docking in Lakehurst, NJ. The television program, Mythbusters investigated the claim that the zeppelin paint by itself was responsible for the horrific fire that followed the initial explosion. What did the hosts of the show conclude? A) The hydrogen gas (H2) alone was responsible for the fire. B) No conclusion was made, the hosts just like to blow things up. C) The paint alone was responsible for the fire. I D) Both the paint and hydrogen gas (H2) contributed to the fire. 10. Identify the biome that is primarily described by low (less than 25 cm or 10 inches) and sppradic precipitation. [Ay Desert 1;) Chapparal C) Taiga D) Tundra E) Temperate forest 11. Id\ ntify the percent decrease in the summer Arctic ice between 1979 to 2010. 1;? 20% 10% C) 50% D) 5% E) 60% Version B Page 3 12. Early in the 20‘h century, white tailed deer were placed on uninhabited Angel Island in San Francisco Bay. The island lacked natural predators and the rapidly increasing deer population almost completely denuded the landscape. Why didn‘t the deer population lrgcome extinct? Humans provided the deer with food. B) Deer adapted to the declining food resources by eating normally undesirable plants. C) Introduced predators stabilized the population. D) Deer migrated to the mainland in search of food and reduced the population burden. E) Black flies and mosquitoes transmitted disease causing parasites to the deer population. 13. Identify the approximate amount of solar energy that is assimilated (worldwide) by primary producers. A.) 75% By 2% (2) 25% D) 5% E) 50% 14. The Hansen Climate model (1988) used data from 1960 to the mid-1980's to investigate global temperature change. How well did this model predict future climate change? KM Very well; excellent prediction B) Not well at all; poor prediction C) Moderately well; fair prediction D) No prediction was made; data was only used to examine trends before 1988 15. What would you expect to happened to the biodiversity of an intertidal region if sea stars were removed? ‘5) Biodiversity decreases B) Biodiversity increases C) Biodiversity remains unchanged Version B Page 4 ...
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