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Sport Psychology 2 - Sports Psych Lecture 2 A. The Many...

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Sports Psych Lecture 2 A. The Many Hats We Wear 1. Practitioner: full time sport psychologists whose job is to work with athletes 2. Scientist: full time researchers, no applied work 3. Scientific practitioner: a practitioner that is very well versed in the latest research that is out there (read journal articles, avid consumers of literature) a. Ideal practitioner! 4. Practical scientist: a scientist whose research is very practice oriented a. Spends most of their time researching very practical questions B. Research in Sport Psychology 1. Physical education: strong need for PE to establish itself as a credible scientific discipline 2. Need for justification 3. Subspecialties in motor learning, motor control, sport psychology 4. Later influx from psychology departments C. Sport Psychology Orientations 1. Behavioral: focus on how environmental factors and how they influence behavior, esp. reinforcement and punishment, influence behavior 2. Psychophysiological: examine the processes of the brain and their influences on movement (brain mechanisms through brain wave activity for example) neuropsychology 3. Cognitive-behavioral: how the environment and cognition interact to influence behavior a. Refers to thinking that goes on in response to environmental stimuli that influences the overall response (information processing) 4. Social-cognitive: how the social aspects of the physical activity influence performance and cognition a. The social dynamics that influence the way people think, how they make decisions, and respond D. Applied vs. Basic
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1. An applied sport psychologist is not necessarily a practitioner!
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Sport Psychology 2 - Sports Psych Lecture 2 A. The Many...

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