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Sport Psychology 3 - Famous Sport Psych Guys A Norman...

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Famous Sport Psych Guys A. Norman Triplett I. Conducted first sport psychology experiment a. Wanted to determine whether people were more productive when doing a task alone or in the presence of others b. Used a cycling task (how far did subjects cycle in solitary conditions or cycling next to someone else) c. Found performance tends to increase when with others (social facilitation theory) holds true for both competition and cooperation II. Not a sport psychologist, but a social psychologist B. Coleman Griffith I. “Father of sport psychology” (1920s, 1930s) II. Professor at University of Illinois a. Credited with establishing a sport psychology lab b. Published many papers and a few books dealing with sport psych topics III. Was a consultant who worked in professional sports (Chicago Cubs for 6-7 years) a. Was working in applied and experimental areas IV. Did not mentor graduate students, so his lab was not continued on (lull in sport psych until 1960s) C. Franklin Henry (1960s) I. “Father of motor learning”
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