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Acc 221 - Fall 2010 Course Information

Acc 221 - Fall 2010 Course Information - Miami University...

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Miami University Acc 221: Introduction to Financial Accounting Course Information Fall 2010 Required Textbooks Selected Materials from Financial Accounting (Selected Chapters from the 1 st Edition), by Spiceland - Thomas - Herrmann (McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2009) Solid Footing – Building an Accounting Foundation (5 th Edition), by Dan Wiegand (Micro Solve, Inc., 2010) Financial Statement Analysis - Red Company (6 th Edition with Fiscal 2009 Annual Report Projects) by Dan Wiegand (Micro Solve, Inc., 2010) Grades See separate schedule Value of Examinations, Projects, Homework, Quizzes, Attendance, and Extra Credit – Final Grade Determination . Class Meeting Dates – Due Dates for: Quizzes – Homework – Projects – Examinations See separate schedule Tentative Course Schedule and Assignments – Fall 2010 Attendance Policy You are expected to attend every class session . Your attendance at each class session is very important to your success in the course. Excessive absences are deemed to be disruptive and detrimental to the class. Attendance will be taken on 33 scheduled class dates – these 33 dates are indicated by red bold attendance dates on the Tentative Course Schedule and Assignments – Fall 2010 schedule. You will receive 1 course point for each of these 33 dates that you attend. Out of the 1,000 course points – attendance is assigned a total of 28 course points, thus if you are in attendance for all of the 33 classes at which attendance is taken, you will receive the equivalent of 5 extra credit points. There are no excused absences – you must be in attendance to receive the 1 course point for attendance on a red bold attendance date . You will have an assigned seat in the classroom. You must sit in your assigned seat in the classroom. It is your responsibility to make sure the seat you are sitting in is your assigned seat. You will only receive an attendance point when you attend your assigned class time. If you attend a class that is not your assigned class time, you will not receive the attendance point for that day. If you wish to drop the course you must take positive action. Do not assume that the Instructor will automatically drop you if you stop attending class.
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Page 2 Guidelines for Mid-Term Examinations and the Final Examination Only the following items are allowed to be brought into the examination room: Wallet Approved Calculator (see the heading Approved Calculators … on page 3) Pencils The following items are not allowed in the examination room: Books Notebooks Book bag Purse Laptop Cell Phone iPod, or any other electronic devices Any type of use of a cell phone during a quiz, a mid-term examination, or the final examination will automatically result in a grade of zero on the quiz, mid-term examination, or final examination.
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