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Ratio_Formula_sheet - Cash Flow Adequacy Cash from...

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Ratio Formula Sheet: Assets-to-Equity: Total Assets/Total Stockholders Equity Asset Turnover: Sales/Total Assets Return on Sales: Net Income/Sales Return on Equity: Net Income/Total Stockholders Equity Return on Assets: Net Income/Total Assets Working Capital: Current Assets-Current Liabilities = Working Capital Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities Quick Ratio: Cash + Accounts Receivable + Marketable Securities/ Current Liabilities Times Interest Earned: Debt Ratio: Total Liabilities/ Total Assets Debt-to-Equity Ratio: Total Liabilities/Stockholders Equity
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Number of Days Sales in Receivables: Average Accounts Receivable/ Average Daily Sales Number of Days Sales in Inventory: Average Inventory/Average Daily Cost of Goods Sold Fixed Asset Turnover: Sales/Average Fixed Assets Cash Flow to Net Income: Cash from Operating Activities/Net Income
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Unformatted text preview: Cash Flow Adequacy: Cash from Operating Activities/ Cash used to purchase P, P, & E (buildings, equipment, land, other fixed assets, acquisitions of new businesses) Free Cash Flow: Cash from Operating Activities-Cash used to Purchase P,P &E- Cash Used for Dividends Average Common Shares Outstanding: Shares Issued and Outstanding at end of previous year + New Shares Issued through the year - Treasury Shares Purchased through the year = Average Common Shares Outstanding through the year Earnings per Share: Net Income/Average Common Shares Outstanding Dividend Payout Ratio: Cash Dividends/ Net Income Price-Earnings Ratio: Market Price of 1 Share/ Earnings per Share Total Market Value: Average Common Shares Outstanding * Market Price of 1 Share Market-to-book Value Ratio: Total Market Value/ Total Stockholders Equity...
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Ratio_Formula_sheet - Cash Flow Adequacy Cash from...

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