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5.19 Mental Illness and Abnormal Psychology

5.19 Mental Illness and Abnormal Psychology - Mental...

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May 19, 2011 Mental Illness and Abnormal Psychology Abnormality : deviance from social norms of acceptability. Abnormality differs across cultures and across time; must be maladaptive for the individual and interfere with at least one large sphere of life; cause of personal distress. Two major types of disorders: 1. Clinical disorders: generally more severe, can be temporary or long-lasting, low level of functioning 2. Personality disorders: milder disorders, longstanding, high level of functioning (read in textbook) Clinical Disorders Diagnoses are largely based on self-reports. -Rosenhan study: 8 people who falsely reported ‘hearing voices’ but then behaved normally, admitted for average of 19 days, other patients were suspicious, but physicians in the hospital weren’t. Structured Clinical Interviews Behavioral Observation Tests-MMPI (helpful for personality disorders) DSM: diagnostic manual -organic: dysfunction of brain (amnesia) -substance: alcoholism -somatoform: psychologically induced physical disorders -schizophrenia and psychoses -mood (depression, bipolar) -anxiety (phobias, panic disorder) -dissociative: altered identity (fugue) -sexual or gender identity -childhood disorders (autism, ADHD) Schizophrenia and Psychoses Schizophrenia : “split mind”-disturbances of thought that spill over to affect perceptual, social and emotional processes. Usually emerges in the late teen and late 20’s. Typical Symptoms: Irrational thought : often characterized by delusional beliefs (ex: I am the Messiah) Deterioration of function Hallucinations: usually auditory Disturbed emotion Flat affect : little emotional response Emotional volatility Types of Schizophrenia: Paranoid : delusions of grandeur and/or persecution. Seems normal unless you discuss areas of paranoia
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Catatonic : severe motor disturbance, usually characterized by muscular stupor, mutism or echolalia Disorganized
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