5.12 Personality

5.12 Personality - May 12, 2011 Personality Personality:...

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May 12, 2011 Personality Personality : Characteristics, emotional responses and ways in which an individual responds to the environment; different across individuals and are relatively stable across time Using this definition, many species have been shown to have personality as stable and reliable as humans. What are the building blocks of personality? -traits Where does personality come from? -biological theories -developmental theories -attachment -freudian -social learning -humanistic theories How do you measure it? Describing personality Trait : characteristic and stable pattern of thought, feeling, or behavior. Building blocks of personality-structuralist notion. -Openness to experience -Conscientiousness -Extraversion -Agreeableness -Neuroticism These are the dimensions we use when we describe others, especially when we are not close to them. We also use these to describe ourselves. The tendency to use these dimensions is found around the world. Origins of personality: biological Hippocrates: first person to lay out a theory of personality. He thought there was a balance of 4 humours in the body corresponds to personality types. “Theory of Temeramentum” (black bile, yellow bile, phlegm, blood). He though that people differed in categorical ways and thought it had a biological bases. The modern Theory of Tempermentum is the study of temperament. Temperament: difference in emotional responding that vary across individuals, and have a biological basis. Widely studied and highly heritable aspect of emotional responding. Measured in infancy. -activity
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5.12 Personality - May 12, 2011 Personality Personality:...

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