5.10 Developmental Psychology

5.10 Developmental Psychology - May 10, 2011 Developmental...

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May 10, 2011 Developmental Psychology Cognitive Social Moral Developmental psychology : Systematic changes that occur over the lifespan. Reflect both maturation (changes unfolding because of biology) and learning COGNITIVE Newborns are Idiots: Born with reflexes and ability to learn environmental contingencies -grasping, sucking, orienting attention to novelty Brain size triples in size between birth and 4 years -brain development constrains behavior -synaptic overproduction/pruning: in the first few months of life, the brain goes through a rapid overproduction of synapses, followed by “pruning away” of synapses not used -“use it or lose it” explains certain critical period for certain types of learning (language) Brain development continues into adolescence; continue to constrain aspect of cognitive and social development -frontal loves slowest to develop-into late adolescence or early adulthood Life span development: even through adulthood, life transitions continue to affect our psychology (read adult developmental section in book) Piaget’s stages of cognitive development He was the first scientist to scientifically study the cognitive development of children. He began with intelligence testing, and realized kids don’t just have less knowledge about the world-but actually think differently than adults. -observed his own children’s development -stage model : children’s thinking develops through identifiable and orderly stages, each stage depends upon knowledge acquire in previous stage (not believed anymore) -stages reflect child’s representation of the world Four stage of knowledge acquisition and representation 1. Sensorimotor (0-2) -infant responds to world primarily through senses and actions, non-representational. -Eventually they learn associations between actions and consequences and behave more
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5.10 Developmental Psychology - May 10, 2011 Developmental...

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