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Test 3 Study Guide

Test 3 Study Guide - Test 3 Study Guide Readings The Second...

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Test 3 Study Guide Readings: The Second Shift -Arlie Hochschild Method : Surveys, interviews Findings : Hochschild found that the interplay of the husband’s gender strategy and the wife’s gender strategy is what determined the way that the second shift was shared. Examples : -Nancy and Evan Holt. Nancy is egalitarian, while Evan is transitional. Nancy is a social worker. Evan is a furniture salesman. Each wanted their ways, but Nancy did all the work, but they talked about it like it was divided equally. (Upstairs and downstairs jobs) - Frank and Carmen Delacorte. Both spouses are traditional in their ideology. Frank was a cabinet maker and Carmen was a daycare worker. Frank helped a lot at home, but they talked like it was traditional. The Motherhood Penalty -Correll Method : Empirical lab experiment Findings : Because motherhood is a status characteristic and mothers are low status in the context of the workplace. Status affects mothers at work through performance expectations. High status
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