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Test 2 Review - Test 2 Review Readings Andrews:...

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Test 2 Review Readings Andrews: Investigated the increase in private academy attendance in 1960’s. This growth coincided with decrease in segregation , increase in civil rights movements (Freedom Summer) and 2 court cases: - Green vs. New Kent County (1968): freedom of choice plans; “root and branch” -Alexander vs. Homes County (1969): ordered immediate cessation of segregation in 33 counties People were given money from state/county to send their children to private academy. Variables Andrews used in regression analysis: -proportion of blacks -Alexander Coverage -Freedom Summer volunteers -KKK presence Andrews found that private academy attendance had a positive correlation to proportion of black students, Alexander, and KKK. Gowen: (ethnography) Studied the relationship between incarceration and homelessness in San Francisco and St. Louis. Carried out “street ethnography”. She relied on her field notes. Her interviews and observations showed that there is a cycle between incarceration and homelessness but that incarceration usually leads to homelessness. Skocpol: (comparative) Explains social revolutions. She looked both at domestic and foreign affairs. She found that a revolution was dependent on two things: state breakdown (weak government) and peasant insurrection. In her research she not only looked at countries that had revolutions but also ones that did not have them. Kozol: Was a teacher in the inner city schools of New York in which the resources and conditions were horrible. He compared his schools to suburban schools and districts that had more funding and better resources. Found that going to a “good” school does make a difference in academic
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Test 2 Review - Test 2 Review Readings Andrews:...

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