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Terms for Test 1 ethos – characteristic spirit, prevalent tone of sentiment, of a people or community. The genius of an institution or system eschatology – department of theological science concerned with the four last things epiphenomena – something that appears in addition or as a secondary symptom this-worldly asceticism – rigorous self-discipline, work is an ends, intrinsically valuable in itself. Duty to increase capital, save/invest. solidarity – solidarity of workers in proletariat for revolution, create class for themselves dialectic – process of historical change. Back and forth of thesis, antithesis, synthesis. dialectical materialism – ideas are a product of one’s society. Ideas follow the economy. dialectical idealism – ideas cause history and change mode of production – define a class in a given period feudalism – prior to capitalism; classes, owning serfs capitalism (Marx) – reigns supreme as struggle between bourgeoisie and proletariat bourgeoisie –
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