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5.25 Last Lecture

5.25 Last Lecture - testers to apply for job openings in...

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May 25, 2011 Last Sociology Lecture Ever Three Theories about how important factors are 1. Racial differences in economic resources 2. Racial differences in residential preferences 3. Racial discrimination in housing markets If cities are segregated by race and class, then segregation concentrates poverty in poor black neighborhoods. It also concentrates poverty in black neighborhoods. The Mark of a Criminal Record To what extent does racial discrimination rather than skill or productivity differentials, continue to limit the economic progress of blacks. Pager’s audit study of employers in Milwaukee offers important new evidence of the barriers black men face in the labor market Pager-Three Questions 1. What is the impact of a criminal record? 2. What is the effect of race? 3. Does the effect of a criminal record vary by the race of a job applicant? To answer her questions, Pager carries out an audit study. Previous studies were problematic because they were based on survey data. Her study randomly assigned black or white pairs of
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Unformatted text preview: testers to apply for job openings in the Milwaukee area. She carefully constructs the work histories of the applicants to that they are more or less equivalent. Findings: Have a criminal records is bad for everyone. Being black has less opportunities. Being black and having a criminal record is the worst situation to be in. Pager’s results are important, but they were derived from a study in Milwaukee which is very segregation. Also, black and white auditors did not apply to the same employers for jobs. How prevalent is such behavior elsewhere in the US? Similar studies were done in New York City and similar results were found. COURSE SUMMARY Objective One: Learn about how sociology research works Objective Two: Learn how to reason sociologically Human beings are social creatures. Yeah son. Islands…I wish I was on one. A tropical one. Shape human lives-kind of like sex. Genes are important. A lot. Greg wants o\to gont\ tobth4 iwlqwne too...
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