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5.18 The Sociology of Urban Poverty

5.18 The Sociology of Urban Poverty - The Sociology of...

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May 18, 2011 The Sociology of Urban Poverty Word of the Day Ghetto : a quarter in a city, particularly slum area, inhabited by a minority group. Usually as a result of economic or social pressures What accounts for the existence of racialized concentrated poverty in the U.S.? Four explanations: 1. Banfield 2. Murray 3. Wilson 4. Massey We are focusing on the Wilson and Massey. How did this come to be? The conventional account stresses the importance of the 1967 riots. Sugrue said these things were happening beforehand. How did Detroit go from a symbol of urban heyday to a symbol of urban crisis? Sugrue says where people live and where they work was what caused the racialization. Job Discrimination in Postwar Detroit: -Job ads often states racial preferences -decentralized hiring meant that personnel officers could act on their prejudices -occupational segregation was rampant -seniority lists were separated by department, and inter-departmental transfers were often banned
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