4.4 Social Media and Revolutions in Middle East

4.4 Social Media and Revolutions in Middle East - internet...

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4/4/11 Social Media and Revolution in the Middle East Revolution in Egypt Called the ‘Facebook Revolution’ Timeline: Mubarak has been in control since the 1980’s and was a strong ally of the United States. December 17, 2010-fruit vendor burns himself alive in Sidi Bouzid, Tunisian January 14, 2011-Tunisians cast out Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali in the Jasmine Revolution January 25, 2011-Egyptians protested in Cairo (organized via Facebook) January 26, 2011-protests continue and pictures and news of the revolution is plastered all over the web January 28, 2011-still protesting and curfew is imposed but greatly violated. Mubarak offers to replace his cabinet but also imposes communication blackout including shutting down
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Unformatted text preview: internet. February 1-4, 2011- Mubarak says he won’t run again, but who knows. People are still protesting in Cairo and violence erupts between supporters and non-supporters. Flickr, etc. had lots of pictures. February 7, 2011-Mubarak seems to have stabilized and offers raises to government employees. Some parts experience return to normalcy. Mubarak takes opponents hostage, etc and blames Moslem Brotherhood. But he is quickly exposed. February 8-9, 2011-Strong protests again. Wael is seen as a hero. February 11, 2011- army expels Mubarak What role did social media play in the revolution?...
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