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GEB Memo rough draft - • Current rate of savings •...

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TO: New Employees FROM: Erik Tarrash DATE: October 12, 2011 SUBJECT: Requesting Information Dear New Employees I do not want to waste your time so I want to jump right into things. I want to try things a new way because I believe it will be faster and more efficient then what we used to do. In our meeting I asked all of you guys relatively the same questions and it would make more sense to have this information prepared to me ahead of time. Please take a few minutes to read this and bring to me typed responses at your scheduled appointments. The common questions that you should bring to me typed up before your scheduled appointments are: Current Age Planned Retirement Age Minimum level of annual income needed in retirement for recurring expenses Anticipated special circumstances in retirement
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Unformatted text preview: • Current rate of savings • Desired lifestyle during retirement Also, please note whether you prefer low-risk investments that are more stable but may provide less return on investment or high-risks investments that are less stable but may provide a high return on investment. YOUR FRIENDLY HUMAN RESOURCES SPET As your human resources spet, I help new employees determine which retirement benefit packages best fit with your personal needs. I am available to schedule individual appointments to discuss retirement benefit packages. I would greatly appreciate if the new employees could bring typed responses to these questions to their scheduled appointments. Thank you for your time. Erik Tarrash...
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