ENT paper 2 - Erik Tarrash ENT 3003 November 14, 2011...

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Erik Tarrash ENT 3003 November 14, 2011 Professor Rossi Essay #2 During these difficult economic times, small businesses have a hard time staying afloat and remaining profitable. Almost every entrepreneurial firm starts extremely small before it either fails or blows up to something big and profitable. When our economy is as bad as it is now this makes it harder for small businesses to remain profitable. Gainesville has a few different hubs for innovation and is a well-known area for successful entrepreneurs. A couple respected and profitable companies that started in Gainesville recently are GrooveShark and Tutoring Zone. Two kids who met in The Entrepreneurship Club here at UF started GrooveShark. They had a fantastic idea about music and they are now a worldwide company. This company is doing better than anyone could have expected. Matt Hintze has a pretty cool story about how he came up with the idea of Tutoring Zone. When he was in Graduate school here at UF he needed extra money and was a private tutor for student who needed help. One of his students was so amazed at how good of a tutor Matt was that he wanted to start a business out of this. This student did all the marketing and Matt did the tutoring and they split the money half and half. They realized they could be making a lot more money with better marketing and bigger classrooms, which ultimately led to Tutoring Zone. Both of these successful companies started as really small business with two people. They are
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ENT paper 2 - Erik Tarrash ENT 3003 November 14, 2011...

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