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Erik Tarrash 1517 5282 2/17/09 Academics In Sports Academics in sports is a heavily debated topic of late. Students have to make a certain grade in order to be eligible and participate in games. In high school, students need to make at least a 2.0 to be able to play and in college they have to meet some grade requirements too. I strongly believe that athletes, especially in high school should have to make certain grade requirements in order to compete in games. This puts pressure on some students, coaches, and even teachers. Most importantly, it is the student’s responsibility to do his work and get what he needs to be able to play. Teachers are affected by this requirement because when students don’t meet the requirements then coaches at times will go speak with the teacher one on one and try to convince them to higher their grade to make them eligible. This isn’t fair for teachers because they
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Unformatted text preview: shouldn’t have to be stressed out by the student athletes lack of work and the teacher shouldn’t have to feel pressured into giving athletes grades. Also, I feel that this grade requirement is necessary but can sometimes be detrimental to students because teachers may give in and just give them the grade so the athlete can play in his game. A lot of the time teachers are friends with coaches and help out students, which I believe is unfair to other non-athlete students. If students do not make the grade requirement than I believe that a suspension is necessary. Without punishment, students will never do the work required of them. Another reason that I believe athletes need to be academically rounded no matter how talented they may be is because of injuries. Injuries are very unpredictable and can ruin your career if you have bad luck or improper training....
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