Consumer Behavior Class Session 2 Notes

Consumer Behavior Class Session 2 Notes - MKT 613- Consumer...

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MKT 613- Consumer Behavior Prof. Carolyn Yoon Session 2 (Jan. 12) Notes …There is also another way to think about qualitative data, that is in terms of the depth of excitement that you get… and if you are wanting to uncover things that are latent or hidden etc, by asking people a question in survey format is not going to quite get you there. People sort of answer the first thing that comes to their mind, top of the mind, you need to probe much more deeply about it like ask, Why do you like it? What do you like about it? If you do that, you may come up with these insights. But the assumption amongst most marketers is that there are some wise… important to them, so maybe take a step back and try to get at what drives the motivations of these and other…Shallow answers typically are in surveys a lot, and you might ask “what features would you be willing to pay if you were to add them to your next backpack…” and in a survey format you often have choices…some of you were lucky enough to not have to do this, but I know many of you participated for credit and you filled out a lot of questionnaires. .but what if the researcher didn’t think of the universe of features that a customer could conceivably come up with, then you kind of miss something. So maybe a one-on-one interview would get you what you need for insight on some more ideas. The other way around that with questionnaires is there is usually an ‘other’ box and there is…(a blank space?) What do you think? Have you ever provided answers there? No. So it’s very sparse. Maybe in a sample of 100 people a few might be kind enough to write something down and then it’s not very useful. So you know, the other box is I think almost useless because respondents generally want to rush through this. So basically what you want to do is use interviews… to probe more deeply. So why do we use surveys? Student: “They’re easy.” They’re easy, pretty cheap, and easy to implement.
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Consumer Behavior Class Session 2 Notes - MKT 613- Consumer...

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