Consumer Behavior Class Session 6 Notes

Consumer Behavior Class Session 6 Notes - MKT 613 Consumer...

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MKT 613- Consumer Behavior Prof. Carolyn Yoon Session 6 (Jan. 31) Notes In-class Exercise: Pictures that students have brought Break into groups and create a diagram (use a transparency) Give 15 minutes 2 presentations from student groups o Advantages and disadvantages o Looking for commonalities o Make sure to show the pictures Give directions to students o Going from concrete to values/attitudes o Could go left to right, top to bottom, doesn’t matter What are the commonalities? o Competition o success Just to finish up with neuro-marketing a bit, what I wanted to do was talk a bit about MRIs, also some about EEGs, which is the main method of neuromarketing these days. They will do one one-on-one interviews, EEGs, eyetracking. EEGs is basically capturing a… image, by attaching these electrodes, kind of like a showercap, but it isn’t as pleasant as a shower cap. Basically, you need… but I would expect that marketing firms are dealing with high end clients, just allows them to pick up signals more readily. Even though this technology is as old as I say, the reason why there is an attraction to it nowadays is because of computer technology, it means that you can collect massive amounts of data and store it, whereas five years ago, this would have been more problematic to collect and analyze. Then, you might wonder what this is. This is the NEG, which is basically a . .. version of the EEG, so as a researcher, you don’t only get good temporal resolution. Temporal resolution has to do with how thin a slice across the. . you can capture data. That is a lot of data. So basically, you can get better pictures with this as well, which allows you to localize exactly, within what region is the current? And then there is this version of it, which can be used with MRIs, other forms, but basically MRI and EEG these are all correlation measures, the trans… method, it is the relation and knock that part of the brain out, and someone can’t process some piece of information in a particular way, and we know that
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Consumer Behavior Class Session 6 Notes - MKT 613 Consumer...

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