Consumer Behavior Class Session 7 Notes

Consumer Behavior Class Session 7 Notes - MKT 613 Consumer...

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MKT 613- Consumer Behavior Prof. Carolyn Yoon Session 7 (Feb. 2) Notes Homework: Where do you get exposed to marketing activities? Take pictures, bring to class, classify acc to categories from the book—find examples at least for 5 categories Homework: Bring examples of guerilla and viral marketing to the class. Note: Get the video from “Attention” slide about shopping at a supermarket. Slide: MAO This method goes on, probably because this method is very high involvement, people have a lot of strong and positive emotions associated, but anything it is moving in a more positive direction, so I thought it was kind of cool that they were able to elicit more negative information, maybe it has something to do with the environment, the stress levels, which seems to affect everything else. What is typical for us to see in these maps, basically we have these attributes, whatever IP, recruitment, someone wants to walk us through? You can kind of see the latest culture networking, this was kind of a success. So which we also saw in Kevin’s map, in the first presentation. …personal achievement, so that was a trend I saw in a lot of the personal ladders, but what do you do, is there anything surprising out of your own group? … If we ask what feelings you have about Ross, I think that was the way it was raised, but some other, it could be more achievement focused. Depending on how you frame the question, the idea is that you do have these building blocks, so if you actually identify these values, what are the ways you could focus on the culture for instance… that would work. So let me move in to today’s material. Slides: Motivation So some of you have been wondering about what it is we are doing, and we are going to shift much more into… you need to keep in mind that these constructs are going to come in over and over, and there is a big distinction between consumer behavior, how consumers behave under motivation, high motivation situations with low motivation situations, so that is kind of a theme that is going to keep on coming up, and we can imagine that people who are highly motivted as opposed to not motivated, the pattern and behaviors, it is all going to be quite different. A framework that we rely on is a … motivation, but today, let me give you an overwhelming framework, and then we will move on to memory. Sat some point, we are going to broaden the scope again, and think about other issuances, we are kind of going through individual levels right now, look into a person’s mind, and figuring out the processes of steps. Alright, so motivation, we’ve talked about it before. It is sort of a call to action. Basically….consumer motivation starts with needs, wants, and desires, and it calls to people to behave in a particular way. From the standpoint of the marketer, it woud be to purchase, but not always. Anything that is more motivating…. The hardest stuff is what you are most motivated to do
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Consumer Behavior Class Session 7 Notes - MKT 613 Consumer...

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