Consumer Behavior Class Session 11 Notes

Consumer Behavior Class Session 11 Notes - MKT 613-...

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MKT 613- Consumer Behavior Prof. Carolyn Yoon Session 11 (Feb. 16) Notes In Class Exercise: Bring your own brand associations for one of the following brands: for “self.” List 5 brands, upload this before the class, and show it at the class. Only things that get that collaboration in memo, tend to get stored, and another word for that is encoded. And if things get encoded, the probability that it gets retrieved increases. So things aren’t encoded fair enough, the retrieval is going to depend on this ability thing, and one of the best ways you can get consumers to do this is to think about it in this meaningful way, not simply to repeat things over and over, but linking it to things that they already know. And you are presumably able to do that… if people are motivated, or have the opportunity to do that. Otherwise, something about the encoding causes… to be compromised. A subset or something other than what you want to get encoded… so we are going to assume that the memory is organized in this way, so you have to come up with a representation of memory storage, so the idea is that things are related in memory. Basically, the thicker the… those are more easily accessible, but it also means that those things are not being encoded in a meaningful way, there is some elaboration about code… the more meaningful or related to yourself, the better it is. With greater expertise or more knowledge, these types of mental aspects are also going to be more complicated. Everything in a sense is connected. What I wanted you to do is spend about three minutes, break into small groups and see… These are called Nutrigrain cereal bars, and I am going to ask you what it is that you came up with. [class does exercise] What you are trying to understand is how information is sorted, and what structure is associated with it. Sometimes it may be, depending on your purposes, you might want to use that categorization structure. This should kind of give you a sense that there is a lot of similarity. Short Term Memory slide: IN CLASS EXERCISE- Show the number on the screen, empty slide ask them to write down the digits. Show the digits again, how many digits do you remember? Nutrigrains In Class Exercise Slide: Ask them to list associations to Nutrigrain ie wholesome, healthy etc. How did you come up with these associations? Ask users of the product. 2 kinds of groups, 3-4 students per user of this product, 3-4 students per non-user of this product. Compare the maps from these two different groups. Slide: Memory and Retrieval Memory and retrieval, I think that by thinking through it, you are actually remembering the stuff better but essentially, the way you want to think about memory is that it is our personal storehouse, anything marketing related is there. Trying to understand what the organization is about, when I think about mental models, the basic model that we have had for a very long time,
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Consumer Behavior Class Session 11 Notes - MKT 613-...

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