CB Session 14 - MKT 613- Consumer Behavior Prof. Carolyn...

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MKT 613- Consumer Behavior Prof. Carolyn Yoon Session 14 (Mar. 14) Notes Exercises (stuff in red): Start each lecture with a relevant current topic! For example, for this lecture it could be cosmetics. A Loreal campaign? Or an iPad cell phone choice? Triggers of Need Recognition Slide: HOMEWORK- Give ads before the class and ask what type of need the ad triggers Deciding what Brands (Alternatives) to Consider Slide: Go through this using a student from the class. 1, ask all the car brands that come to your mind evoked set. 2, which ones would you actually consider buying? consideration set usually at most 3-4 products in this set Slide: Triggers of Need Recognition …some triggers of needs, inventory runs out. There are changes in the family life cycle. Getting married is a very high involvement situation, and often there are these types of ads. You might not really know that otherwise, but because the family life cycle situation changes, this is taken into account. Changing reference groups. Also the satisfaction, so losing weight. In some ways, you can think of all the weight loss advertisements as … but it is also about often getting people to be dissatisfied with their current state. You can try to get people to be aware of you needs, and they might need to have some very steep emotion component, redemption value. Slide: Triggers of Need Recognition There are triggers, the way we talk about stimulants, if you haven’t explicitly talked about it, these are the main ways, and if you remember from last time, this was primarily the example. This is a little bit more obvious, which is why it was given to you guys, because I want you to work a little bit at thinking through, otherwise it would just seem like it is easier than it is in real life. So this is for a Disney park, and it is basically real families, and if you don’t take your kids, you are depriving them. So all of these, I think you could make an argument that it fits all three categories. One of them is dominant, and this example is creating dissatisfaction. It is a little bit like the Alli ad. This is probably a third category, solve problem. Insurance is often this, to get people thinking about problems. There is a solution in advance. Slide: How Can Marketers Influence Need Recognition? How can marketers actually influence need recognition? What are the ways? So you try to educate them, but if you have to think about this from a more strategic view, this would clearly be… You can remind consumers like this. Marketers love to do this, that is why they always ask for your email address. From a multi-dimensional way of thinking about this, if you are like most people. Slide: Information Acquisition/Search There are all these dimensions that you need to think about from a marketing standpoint, and once consumers recognize, this is when they might be motivated to search for information or not, and the information search that is thought about is either internal or external. So you need to
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CB Session 14 - MKT 613- Consumer Behavior Prof. Carolyn...

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