CB Session 19 - MKT 613 Consumer Behavior Prof Carolyn Yoon...

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MKT 613- Consumer Behavior Prof. Carolyn Yoon Session 19 (Mar. 30) Notes Introduction …so that is what I will show you next [plays clip]. We’ve talked about these types of campaigns and whether the media allows, especially really large ones to… they are actually integrating it with campaigns that they are running in the ground, or on the ground as you saw, and there are variations of this. You guys may or may not be aware, for instance, the UK version is very similar to the US one, but the Brasilian version is closer to what you may see in the Phillipines so I think what Coca-Cola, the corporation itself, offers varios drewplates(sp?) and different countries will choose which one they think will be more suitable for the local environment, so we will come back to this thing later on, hopefully at the end of today’s discussion. Slide: Why is Culture Important? Let’s talk about the top-half today, which has to do with what culture means, and we generally, when we talk about culture, it assumes a lot of things like the culture of our social class, ethnic groups, everything is culture. We will try to define these separately, but I think whenever someone is talking about cultural influences, you have to dig a little deeper to find out what people mean by cultural influences. And so let’s start off by discussing why culture might be important. Well, there are language differences right? [plays clip] We can all readily think of differences in our own lives , and especially when it made a difference. Often, you end up with misunderstandings which can very easily happen, even to those who are very culturally sensitive. Slides: Why is Culture Important? So I think we could have a pretty fruitful discussion about this, but instead of doing that, let me show you this ad which I think highlights the misunderstandings [plays clip]. HSBC has a lot of nice ads that talk about culture in this way, because they are trying to position themselves in a global way. Slide: Culture Culture is very important in everything we do, but in a consumer context, we can readily think of examples, and the way you can think about it is a set of shared meanings, values, beliefs, and so you can define it at various levels, but at the end of the day, consumers, you me, interpret incoming information, so it is going to basically give us insight into how people communicate with one another, how people see information, opportunites, success and failures, and then of course use of products, and consumer behavior in general. So I think, as an example, in the business world, the style between… you know about the partnership that they have with Chrysler, and just really didn’t work because their communication styles and management styles were so different. You can think about culture as this hierarchal structure as we saw in that first slide, and it can be defined at the country, company, even at a more micro level, and as I said before, it is highly pervasive. Slide: Aspects of Culture
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CB Session 19 - MKT 613 Consumer Behavior Prof Carolyn Yoon...

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